Engineering & Project Management Demand Response & Market Analysis Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping Strategic Decision Analysis with Facility Operations and Management

nStone works with our customers to design and deploy effective and efficient solutions to the complex problems facing business and government organizations today. The management team at nStone Corporation has a long history of demonstrated success in providing innovative and effective solutions for a diverse set of clients.

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nStone Corporation provides professional management and technical services that includes business development, operational analysis, short term and long term strategic planning, and project management.

The nStone management team has managed large organizations and complex projects. Their collective experience spans over 100 years of engineering design, facility operations and maintenance and project management.

Engineering & Project Management
Our Solutions
Demand response & Energy Market Analysis

We develop strategic plans to implement all the phases of demand response programs. These range from assessing the economic value to be derived from the demand response program to establishing the demand response implementation processes necessary to achieve this economic value.

Strategic Decision Analysis

We work with our customers to analyze strategic development paths utilizing fuzzy cognitive mapping. This allows the modelling of long term complex planning issues subject to political and social environments and assessing the range of these decisions and their outcomes.

Facility Operations Management

nStone develops and implements cost effective operations and maintenance programs for our client’s facilities. We utilize reliability centered maintenance programs to minimize customer’s risks and optimize their operating costs. This predicts equipment breakdowns and failures patterns weeks and months in advance to their occurrence thus reducing downtime and improving reliability.



nStone is seeking professionals in the following areas:

  • Construction Engineers

  • Cost and Scheduling Engineers

  • Environmental, Safety and Health Professional

  • Fire Protection Engineers
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